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duction of series of enterprise, the product of water purification materials forty DuoGe series, hundreds of varieties, has the formidable scientific research team, service spread throughout the country. In recent years, the products are by the national key construction project and tap water company, national large and medium-sized town enterprise and metallurgy, chemical industry, light industry and heat power industries chooses, and to establish a long-term and stable relationship of supply and demand, deeply user high praise. Product not only sell well in the whole country, and have been sold to the international market, has become the production water supply and drainage material industry in our country, the pioneer in the leading place in the government at a higher level, be rated as "contracts, and keeping reputation", "quality trustworthy enterprise". The product quality is the customer the consistent high praise. And the nation chemical or thermal design technology center director unit.
The main products are:
A: coconut shell activated carbon, activated carbon, nut shell activated carbon, woodiness powder activated carbon, nut shell granular activated carbon, coal columnar all kinds of models.
Second, the sparsity: new high efficiency polymerization alc13, polymerization alc13 iron, polyferric sulphate, alkali type alc13, polypropylene acyl ammonia.
Three, water purification filter material: fiber ball, modified fiber ball, fiber bundle, comet type fiber filter material, walnut oil filter materials (except), activated alumina (except fluorine desiccant), molecular sieve, selection of filter materials, refined anthracite quartz sand filter material, magnetite filter material, manganese sand (except iron and manganese) filter material, limestone filter material, ceramic grain filter material (fracturing support agent), polystyrene ene foam filter beads, pebble (gravel), zeolite, garnet, maifanshi, emery, rare earth ceramic sand.
Four, tower packing: many face hollow balls, the liquid level covers the ball, foaming proves, ladder ring, BaoErHuan, drainage cap, filter water cap and the soft, half soft materials.
It applied for various filters, ion exchanger and no valve, filter siphon filtering pool, mobile water supply equipment and micro filter, ultrafiltration, reverse osmosis, sea water desalination, etc. Can be widely used in water, electric power, oil, steel, chemical industry, paper making, pharmacy, making wine, drink, mineral water, pure water, in addition to salt water, in addition to iron and manganese, swimming pool, industry waste water, etc. Our factory take off the development and production of activated carbon, had been influenced by many oil refining industry highly praised.

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Last Modified : 2017 - 05 - 02
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